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I was doing PT, cold laser and ultrasound which I think helped to a degree. I actually just ended up seeing Barry Hooper twice last week. The first session the plantar went away. In between heal pain came. I went back for another session and the heal pain is completely gone! I just spent 30 minutes walking on the treadmill today. I am so beyond happy that I can finally do this after 2 sessions. He’s amazing. Has worked on the last Vice President and many big sports people. I highly recommend that if anyone wants to save time or money, go see him! Plus he is the most humble and interesting guy to talk to.

Terri Franke


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I suffered with chronic lower back pain for many years.over the years I had been treated numerous times by chiropractors physical therapists and also had acupuncture. I took various types of medications as well. I recently had surgery but continued to experience severe muscle pain in my right thigh due to neural pressure. I was unable to put my foot on the floor to take a step . My thigh was numb and had a strange tingle.
A friend recommended Barry and after several sessions: deep nerve and muscle massage,
Stretching, education and excercises practiced at home I am pain free. I honestly thought I was never going to be able to walk again.
Barry's specialized knowledge and level of expertise enables him to administer care and treatments that are above and beyond those offered by other health care providers. Above all he is genuinely kind and caring. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

Anne Walters
Avondale ,Pa.


I had a severely extruded disc between my L5 and S1 vertebrae, which, over the course of the 8 months leading up to my microdiscectomy left me in unbelievable amounts of pain. Initially, I used chiropractic and stretching to help treat the situation but ultimately, as my condition progressed, I became physically unable to find relief. I became aware of NKT and found Barry through the organizations website and could see that he offered leading expertise in this treatment in our area. What I experienced personally through treatment was exactly that. Barry was able to provide levels of pain relief I had previously not experienced. The home exercises he provided allowed me to get continued relief between sessions and ultimately allowed me to live in much less pain than I had been having. I am now recovering from a successful surgery and am looking forward to resuming treatment as I begin to rebuild my core muscles.

Matt Willauer 

As a former Division I and professional runner I have had a lot of
experience with massage therapist, physical therapist, MDs, etc. Barry
was exceptional with his ART technique and knowlege of the human
anatomy but more importantly his follow up to make sure I was pain
free. He was immediately invested in my case and saw to it that I was
able to run comfortably.
I saw him one week before my debut back to running from a long break
and he fit me in three separate times on very short notice. I was able
to successfully return to running! I would recommend Barry to anyone
who has a unresolved injury.



Many thanks for the work you have done on my calf! After not being able to run for the better part of six weeks, I am now able to run pain free after one visit with you. You seem to have an excellent intuitive sense of how the nerves and muscles in the leg work, and a clear sense of how to treat them, and restore muscles to working order. I feel confident in your ability to diagnose an injury and treat it accordingly.               Thanks for your help!

Page Allinson

I feel AWESOME. I've run 3 times since seeing you on Sunday and each
time I feel better and better. I actually feel movement in my hip
joints, and I feel taller when I'm running. Thank you so much; it's
super exciting to feel like I'm making progress and getting stronger
and faster and healthier.
My plan is to try to maintain this level of flexibility for a little
while and hopefully see you again in a few weeks.
Thanks again!

Barry is top notch. He has a vast body of knowledge on anatomy and current science that wowed me.   Everything Barry does when he works on you is planned and calculated towards getting you back to performing at your best.  Barry understands the needs of elite athletes and is highly skilled at  ART (Active Release Technique), and deep tissue massage; after my very first session with Barry I noticed a huge improvement in how my muscles felt.

Lindsey Scherf

American Junior Record Holder (Under 20) for 10 kilometers, 5 Time NCAA All-American, Top American Finisher at the 2005 World Junior Cross Country Championships (18th overall), Member of the 2009 USA Cross Country National Team that finished 5th at the World Cross Country finals


Barry has been a key figure in rehabilitating my hip since bi-lateral labral hip surgery.  I am a competitive distance runner and All-American cross country runner.  While training with an elite squad post college, I unfortunately torn my labrum, which went undiagnosed for almost 2 years!  After training on my injury for over a year, I developed lots of muscular imbalances in my body as a result of compensating.  ART with Barry has produced far better results than my physical therapy post-surgery.  By working with Barry I have regained range of motion and am working to rebalance my body.  Barry dedicated his time to understanding my body mechanics, imbalances and pathologies so that his treatments could be as effective as possible.  I highly recommend that any athlete in the Philadelphia area see Barry Hooper, whether to address an injury or for maintenance. 

Courtney Quirin


As a physical therapist and athletic trainer, I respect Barry's knowledge and unique perspective in treating a variety of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries.  I am thoroughly impressed with his in-depth knowledge of muscle function and orientation, and the variety of treatment techniques he utilizes to correct pain and muscle imbalance.  In addition to traditional massage technique, Barry utilizes deep tissue, active release and muscle energy techniques, together with stretching and postural guidance, to get at the root of a patient's problem and make long-term correction, enabling patients to maintain high level athletic performance and pain-free functional ability.  I think so highly of Barry and his expertise that I have received treatment from Barry and have recommended him to many family members and friends.
Barbara M. Weyler, PT


I have referred many patients to Barry over the years.  Most of the folks I have sent to him have been high level individuals, in fact several were professional athletes.  Barry's knowledge of functional anatomy coupled with his ability to perform deep tissue work have allowed my patients to realize tremendous results.  I have used Barry in conjunction with active physical therapy as well as in aftercare situations.  I have found his ability to treat extremity/peripheral joint injuries unique in his field."

Michael E. Collins
Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer

Barry is wonderful! I would recommend him to anyone. I am a physical therapist and I was recovering from a back injury. I was left with alot of muscle spasm that had not responded to more traditional forms of rehabilitation. I saw Barry for two months and it made a world of difference. I am now pain free and I have Barry to thank for being a big part of that process.

Dianna Stroffolino
Physical Therapist


There is a great distinction between a physician and physical therapist or physical trainer.  All are centered in getting a patient well and on their way.   Each have their own areas of expertise and subscribe to their individual course of study.
Rarely does someone come along that is not encumbered with titles or chained to methods etched in stone.  This type of person is one who is versed not only in the anatomy and physiology of the human body but one who has administered to enough individuals that he can cater his recommendations to ones particular functionality and psychological makeup.. That is a true Healing Artist......Barry Hooper is the personification of these principles.
Gordon G. Salvitti, D.C.


8 years ago I fell at work. Broke 2 ribs and after many tests they found nerve damage at L5 -S1 and my SI joint. 2years into physical therapy, aqua therapy, chiropractic adjustment and many meds, I got a neuro-stimulator implant. That helped to a great degree. It stopped the lightning bolt from going down my leg to my heel. My condition has left me unable to work and just getting some of my former active self back has been a real fight. I sold my Harley Davidson, my 16 ft fishing boat and can no longer volunteer as a Fire-fighter EMT.I have been able to get some fishing and hunting in but no where near what was once the norm. I still was taking pain killers, 2 kinds of muscle relaxers some other meds and sleeping aids. I started seeing Barry in January of this year and his help has been profound. I've been able to walk farther than last summer. Fishing trips have lasted longer and my pain level has dropped considerably. I no longer take sleeping pills, or the muscle relaxers! They were making me drowsy. I was taking naps almost every day. Also I couldn't drive at night. Due to my eyes being affected by these drugs. Although I will have made great improvements with Barry's help, I will not be able to hold a full time job again. Barry has given me more mobility with far less pain. I am able to fish more and enjoy hunting again with my friends and family. This means a lot. My wife and 2 daughters are also grateful to Barry for my improved life style.( they saw me at my worst through all of this). I thank God for his gift to Barry. He really has healing hands. Thanks again Barry for all the help and healing you've given me.        

Don Beam


In 2007 I ran my first 100 mile race in April, a 12 hour race in September and a 50 mile race in early October. After that race in October, I injured my ham string. I went to see Barry and just after 2 sessions my ham string felt much better and I was able to run and race on it through the rest of the fall and winter. Barry is very scientific in his approach to helping the athlete. To this day I won’t see anyone else.  Barry uses Deep Tissue and ART (Active Release Technique) on my legs, hips and back. These techniques help break down scar tissues and tough facia areas that inhibit mobility in a runner.

 Josh Irvin

201024 Hour National Championships 6th place male, 10th overall 124.6 Miles


Thank you, Mr. Barry, for always being there when I need you and for always fitting me in.  As a high school football kicker and middle-distance track runner, I have overuse problems with my legs and back.  You have kept me "in the game" and competing at a high level.  There have been many times when I couldn't have played or run, had it not been for your massage work.  I can't say that it has always been comfortable, but you know just what to do to get rid of my pain, and you always have me cracking up while you are doing it!  You've given me great advice on stretching and strengthening, and I am trying to watch my posture in school like you've taught me.  With your help to keep my muscles in shape, I expect to kick many 40+ yard field goals, extra-points and touchbacks in high school, college, and hopefully in the pros!   

Steve Weyler, Cardinal O'Hara Football and Track


I ruptured my hamstring 15 years ago.  From the time of that injury until I started therapy with Barry, I was unable to run without pain.  During my first visit Barry clearly explained what was causing my pain and how he could initiate the healing process.  Thanks to Barry I am now able to run again without pain.  I just ran the Philadelphia Distance Run (Half-Marathon) and plan on running the Philadelphia Marathon.  I wish I met Barry 15 years ago!

Erik Zipf
Garnet Valley, PA


Barry,I wanted to thank you again for everything that you have done for me.  I went from not being able to play tennis or lift my leg over the gate I have in my house to contain my daughter to being able to compete again in tennis tournaments.  This past week I competed in my first tennis tournament in 3 years.  My body was able to move and perform with complete range of motion in my hip and shoulder.  
Here is a testimonial:
Barry’s knowledge of the human body and how everything fits together gives him the ability to address the root of the injury instead of just treating the symptoms. I have lived with various injuries for close to 12 months before seeing Barry.  Since visiting Barry I have experienced such relief that I am back to competing in various sports that I have been unable to do for the past 12 months.  Anyone who has been experiencing muscular or joint pain should make it a point schedule an appointment right away.

 Adam B. Gottfried


I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 6 years and was thrilled to find someone of Barry’s knowledge and talent close by.  Barry is personable, professional and takes his craft seriously.  He is highly skilled in Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue work and I always leave his office feeling as though my muscles have been “melted” by Barry’s powerful hands - and they actually have been! 

Susan Graves, LMT


The bodywork that I have received over the last four years from  Barry Hooper has always been of the highest caliber and simply unsurpassed by any other massage therapist that I have ever had work on me. I tend to be very particular when it comes to body work as I am a massage therapist myself, and I have always demanded a certain level of precise and thorough muscle work.  Barry's level of expertise in the areas of Pfrimmer Deep Muscle, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point therapies is amazing.  He has helped to correct and heal several chronic discomforts and abnormalities in my connective tissue and muscular structure.  His innate knowledge as to where exactly he needs to concentrate while performing his muscle work,, has always created positive results and I continue to marvel at his thorough and incredible talents as a sensitive, caring licensed massage therapist.

Mary Diamond
Certified Massage Therapist



I have been comming to Barry for a two hour massage each week for the past twelve years. I have had massage in ten different countries, eight different islands, all over the United States, luxury liners and the Canyon Ranch. Barry Hooper is simply the best massage therapist I have ever had take care of me, bar none. He is intuitive, accurate, strong, educated and utterly comitted to my wellbeing. His hands are magical, always finding the spots and then addressing them with the perfect pressure and pace. I trust him implicitely.

Mickey Congleton
Kennet Square, PA


Your work is an inspiration to me. What you do is much more than a massage, it is a gift. The gift of love, peace, body and soul. Thank you so much, I would not have been able to do what I did in this film had it not been for your talents, which you bestowed upon me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Bryce Wallas Howard
I was referred to Barry for a back massage,because i have been struggling with back pain for over 25 years.Let me tell you it is a great therapeutic experience. Barry Hooper is very talented and knowledgeable in body mechanics.This is not a rub down like you receive at expensive resorts.It is what a real massage should be. Barry,integrates his therapy with proper stetching instructions and nutrition advice. When dealing with healing,you have to look at all sides of a person(,physical,mental,and spiritual),this is what Barry does when he treats you.The overall objective is optimal health and well being. I highly recommend Barry Hooper for an uplifting nassage experience. 

Donald Opdenaker
Barry Hooper is more then a massage therapist. He truly does Bodywork by addressing the immediate needs of your body.  I did not know what Bodywork was until I had several visits with Barry.  Each visit he takes time to ask you what is going on with your body.   He is a genius when it comes to assessment and treatment of your body's needs.  I fully trust Barry's professionalism  and attention to detail. You are in exceptional care with Barry.  Can I mention what a funny and inspiring human being he is as well?
Suzy Stauffer

I have been receiving 15 minute chair massages from Barry and as a
musician, (French Hornist) and waitress I find them incredibly relaxing and
reviving. My arms and shoulders get very tight and sore from work and 15 minutes
with Barry takes away the pain and tension.  He is a true healer.  I would
highly recommend him to anyone seeking body work."

Joan E. Dowlin
Festive Brass