Barry Hooper LMT
(610) 306-0505

About My Work

The big difference between me and many other therapists is that I will try to find a way to make you feel good indefinitely. I like to think of myself as a pretty good detective. I use many different techniques to relieve pain, restore function, correct posture and optimize a person's performance and health. I use Active Release almost exclusively at this point. It is one of the more effective forms of bodywork I have used in my 25 years of practice. I take thorough histories and I will be relentless in my search to properly address the issue you are bringing to the table.(no pun) I look for root cause and postural bias, deep tissue adhesions and nerve entrapments. I will look at how you stand, walk, run, swim, sit or swing a golf club if I think it will help diagnose what you are up against. I almost always use a combination of Myofascial Release, Active Release Therapy, Pfrimmer Deep Tissue and some efflourage strokes to flush out the garbage afterward.

I can give you the "feel good" massage of a lifetime if that is what you are looking for. My specialty, however, is finding out why you didn't feel good in the first place, addressing your core issue, and getting you lasting relief. Then I'll send you home with that knowledge and awareness thereby empowering you to take care of yourself. I will go over your habits, sleep position, diet, footwear and anything else I can think of to that end. If I cannot help you I will refer you to someone who can. In the end I am after positive results for all my clients and I will do everything I can to reach that goal.